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Customer Support: We have an integrate live support

  • 7:30 - 5:00 PM East Time M-F we offer live customer phone support. Your phone call will be answered by our team in Charlotte, VT, or Stamford, CT. No call center, No voice mail maze.

  • Support Tickets
    • We offer a Smart support ticket system. From VenturePro click "Help" or the "i" link in the top right of your page. This will allow you to create a support ticket that we will follow-up on. The system is Smart because we automatically capture your information and information on the equipment you are using, and any errors you are seeing. This helps us efficiently help you.

General Questions

  • Browser Based Access

    We strongly suggest that you Google Chrome as your browser. We DO NOT support any version of Internet Explorer.

  • Supported Mobile Devices

    VenturePro supports both Apple and Android devices (Android Version 2.4 or higher).

  • Android Voice to Text System and Siri

    VenturePro is compatible with Android Voice to Text and Apple Siri. Its great! Fast and easy. (iPad2 and iPhone 4S or higher)

Accounts and Users, Team Functions

  • All
    • Team Map - Last login location of all team members today. If a user has not checked in today they will not appear on team map.
    • Team Calendar

      Mobile Version


      • Default View - User's Calendar Today. To view Month or Week view click appropriate links.
      • All events on My Day will appear on Calendar as well as any non-associated events link personal appointments or vacation time.
      • To Add a Calendar event Click Add Event. Default is to Create and Event for the User, but events or appointments can be created here for any team member.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Events such as work orders or Scheduled Appoints associated with a customer should be made from the Customer Center, not Calendar.
      • Team Calendar View: Combined Calendar of all team members
      • Employees Calendar: Choose to view to Calendar of any Team Member
    • Team Members

      User Settings
      Desktop Version


      • Edit: Edit any information about team members information
        • Picture: Add an image of Team Member. This image will be used to personalize Workorder confirmation emails and Quote Emails.
          • Mobile Version - Click Picture, capture image with Mobile Device Camera
          • Desktop Version - Click Profile Picture. Select image file and click Save
        • Contact Information - Add or Edit information such as name, primary email address


  • Improve financial reporting and ledgers

    Improve Financial reporting and ledgers


  • New payment refinement and features, get paid faster and keep track of your money.

Find - Customer Search

  • All

    Find Function
    Desktop Version


    • First or Last name search: partial search active
    • Phone: enter complete phone number or only a partial number
    • City or Zip
    • Search by State only to review all records in that state

  • Mobile Version

    Find Function
    Mobile Version


    • Search: "Customers Around Me": GPS search based on user's current location eliminates the need for data entry when access Venture from a customer's location

Add Customer

  • All, SYNC
    • IMPORTANT: Search database prior to adding a new record to avoid duplicate records
    • Click Find, then Add Customers
    • Customers Added Either in Venture or API are added in both locations
    • All fields but Email are required. Email is STRONGLY recommended

  • Mobile Version

    Add Customer
    Mobile Version


    • Click: Prefill Address from current location: GPS service adds address, City, State*#44; Zipcode based on mobile device current location.

Delete Customer Record

  • All
    • From customer Center Page, Click on Customer Name at the top of the page then scroll all the way down and click delete, then confirm.

Check-In Functions

    VenturePro Introduction
    Desktop Version


    VenturePro Introduction
    Mobile Version


  • Saved Addresses
    • To Add or Edit Saved Addresses, Click Settings, Saved Addresses.
    • Saved addresses are use to record locations that are not associated with a customers location like the office, home, or frequently used locations like motels or restaurants.
    • Starting your day at a saved address allows you to edit your start time in desired.

  • Start Day - Check-in to start your day
    • Checking at a customer location, or at a saved address
    • Venture will track time and mileage from your first check-in and let your team know where you are on the Venture mapping system

  • Mobile Version - Check-in at a customer location - When you arrive at a customer location Click Check-in and we will record the mileage from your previous stop, and the elapsed time.

  • Mobile Version - Checking In at a job site rather than a customer's location. If you are at a jobs-site or another address not typically associated with your customer you can Check In At Current Location, and Then Attach to check-in to a customer.
    • From the home page click Check-In. Select . Then from my day click on the recorded check-in and Click Connect. Search for your customer record and click connect.

My Day

  • All

    My Day
    Mobile Version


    • My Day is accessed anywhere but its design to manage all aspects of a mobile user's day.
    • Viewing My Day
      • All work orders and appoints for a users are visible on My Day. They are displayed in order of the scheduled time for each event.
      • Click on any event to view details of that event.
    • Viewing Results on My Day
      • As users proceed through their day we record and display the following information:
        • Mileage between the Start Day check and every other check-in for the day, Total miles travelled at kept as a running total.
        • Elapsed time between check-ins and total time for the day.
      • Between each check-in location on My Day Venture displays the elapsed time and mileage between stops.
      • My Day results are also reported in the following reports:
        • Team, Choose User, Map: Venture displays a map of daily routes, mileage, and time

  • Desktop Version: Expense Report: Mileage travel by day (with other recorded expenses)

Customer Center

    Customer Center
    Mobile Version


  • All - Primary Information
    • View, Edit Customer information, Manage Customer Addresses
      • Click on the Customers Name - This opens an editable customer information area.
        • Customers name, primary address and contact information can be edited and saved.
      • Add additional Customer Addresses:
        • Click Add Address
        • Select Address Type and add Location Title
        • Save additional address
        • Saved addresses can be accessed when creating work orders, appointments, quotes or invoices
    • Click on Customer Address line to display a map of customer location and create turn by turn directions if desired.
    • Primary Phone Number is Displayed
      • Mobile Version: Click on the phone number and Venture will connect the call
    • More Address - If more than one address is recorded for a customer Click More Addresses to display other locations. All other addresses and phone numbers will then be displayed for that customer

  • All - Customers with Open WOrk Orders

  • All - Information / Settings

    Tags and Export
    Desktop Version


    • Tags - Venture utilizes a sophisticated system to sort customers for follow-up or promotional activities like newsletters or special offers. Tags, combined with Registration Records allow administrators to extract a list of all records with the same user tags or registrations types.
      • Click tags to view set customer tags
      • Click edit to add or remove tags
      • Check each desire tag and then click Save and the top of the tag list
      • Desktop Version - Sort and display all customers based on tags click Reports, Then Customer List, Click Select tags, then check desired tags, Save Tags, then Click Search to view results.
    • History - All interaction with in customer in chronological order including quotes, communication history, existing Service Reminders, Invoices, and Payments. The most recent records are at the top of the list.
    • Notes - Any miscellaneous information created about the customer such calling instructions and details about a jobs site.
    • Units - Service history of all Registered equipment for this customer. Venture keeps a full service history of each piece of equipment serviced by your company.
      • Click on the Model Number displayed to access any available documents available such as installation or service guides, or consumer literature.
      • Serial number and date installed are displayed for warranty purposes.
      • All service performed and charges billed on the selected unit is display in chronological order.
      • Actions on the Units Tab
        • Create a workorder for the equipment selected
        • Mobile Version - capture a job picture of the selected unit for service or promotional purposes.

  • All - Actions Menu
    • Mobile Version - Check-In - Timestamps customer site visit in history and on My Day, and calculates elapsed and mileage from previous check-in location.
    • Note - Add general note about customer. Will be added permanently to customer notes history.
    • Tasks - Add a task for user or any other team member about selected customer
      • New task defaults to "Open", Task posted on assigned user's Open task list, and user is notified of new task when it is created.
      • Reminder date: set a date to remind assigned user to address task issue
      • Due date: set task due date
      • When task is complete, user can change task to closed and record appropriate actions. Results are recorded permanently in customer history.
    • Quote - Create Quote for customer

      Item Add
      Desktop Version


      Quote Systems
      Desktop Version


      Desktop Version


      • Select site address, default is primary billing address.
      • Add quote detail, quantity, and price on first line. Taxable toggles sales tax on or off for quote line
      • Close quote or add more lines
      • If adding rows, select from "Empty" Row, or add Predefined Quote items from pulldown menu.
      • Click "X" to delete Quote Line
      • Select Terms: Default Venture Terms are Due Upon Receipt. Additional Predefined Terms may be added in Settings, Company Settings, View / Edit Terms Terms.
      • Save: Saves Quote. Save Quotes can be be viewed under Customer History, Or from Main Menu: Leads, Quotes.
      • After Saving Quotes the following options are available:
        • Adding Model Numbers To Quotes
          • Select "Add Unit" from displayed list
            • Select Brand of equipment proposed from pulldown list
            • Select Model From pulldown List
            • Quoted Model Number and available literature (that is from the MPN Venture product database) is now displayed on Quote
            • Literature Library is a Crowd Sourced resource. If your model is not displayed in the Venture library system, or the library is missing literature you need let us know by creating a Support Ticket and we will add it to our database for you.
        • Print: To print a quote
        • Email: To Email a Quote
          • Customer Email Address is Displayed at the top of the page. Verify that email address is correct and click Send Email,
            • The time and date of the email sent is recorded in customer history
          • A Copy of the Email sent to customer is then displayed. A link to the Quote is at the bottom of the Email cover letter.
          • Click View to review quote.
          • When view is clicked by customer Venture marks quote as viewed in customer history.
        • Create Workorder: Converts Quote to Workorder.
          • Click Create Workorder and review quote details. Make any edits necessary.
          • Select Job Time Estimate. This value is used by Scheduler to display the number for hours necessary to complete job. The time budget entered here is not share with the customer.
          • Click Save
          • The Workorder can then be scheduled in Scheduler.
        • Create Invoice
          • Click Create Workorder and review quote details. Make any edits necessary.
          • Click Save
          • Invoice is then created and displayed:
            • Click Payment Information to add payment information to invoice (this can be done at any time)
              • Enter payment Notes (like check number or Credit Card confirmation number)
              • Enter Payment Amount Received
              • Click Add Payment to Save payment information
              • Recorded Payment information will be displayed on invoice when printed or emailed.
              • Partial payments acceptable. Each payment is time stamped and recorded, and outstanding invoice balance calculated.
            • Print: To print Invoice
            • Email: To Email a Quote
              • Customer Email Address is Displayed at the top of the page. Verify that email address is correct and click Send Email,
                • The time and date of the email sent is recorded in customer history
              • A Copy of the Email sent to customer is then displayed. A link to the Invoice is at the bottom of the Email cover letter.
              • Click View to review invoice.
              • When view is clicked by customer Venture marks invoice as viewed in customer history.
            • Customer Feedback Request: When the invoice is sent via email, a feedback request in included in the email cover letter. When this link is clicked your customer can submit feedback about his perception of the work performed.
              • Submitted Feedback is:
                • Collated by Servicer and viewed on Reports, Feedback Summary
                • Submitted Feedback viewed on Reports, Feedback Report
              • If you Company is connected to a MPN Website, feedback is feed dynamically to you online feedback summary and will be picked up by search engines to improve your lead generation rates.
        • Scan / Register - Add Product Model and Serial Number to Customer Record
          • Process:
            • Choose Equipment Manufacturer from pulldown list
            • If this is NOT a new installation check Service Only
            • Install Date: defaults to today's date but can be set to any date
            • Select Manufacturer Model Number
            • Enter Serial Number
            • Mobile Version: Scan Serial Number Bar Code: Click Scan Barcode and utilize mobile device camera to read and enter bar coded serial number
            • Mobile Version - Add Job Photos. Using mobile device camera record images of job for use in future service or marketing. These photos will then be viewable in the customer center.
            • Mobile and Desktop Versions - Phase 1 of our Venture Pro Work-Pics image system. Watch the video to start using today!



            • Registered Manufacturers and Model Numbers are available through the MPN Venture product database. This information is a Crowd Sourced resource. If your manufacturer or model is not displayed on the Venture selections lists select other and add your information manually, This will create a Support Ticket notifying the Venture Support team to update our database by add you new models and or manufacturers.
          • Results:
            • Model number, serial number, and date installed is added to the customer history.
              • This information can be used to monitor product or labor warranty relationships.
            • When creating customer communications like seasonal offers of specials, you can extract a list of all customer records based on the type of equipment installed. This allows much more precise product offers and will result in higher acceptance rates.
            • Registration records on MPN Venture:
              • Registration records are instantly pushed to a connected website and connected to the Work Cloud System. This automatically updated the searchable content on your site and sharply improves search engine performance.
              • Direct consumer information is not shared with the public, only summary information that protects the confidentiality of your customers.
            • Registration Reports:
              • New! Registration Report: There is a new report in VenturePro that will help you understand and keep track of the equipment mix your company is servicing.
              • Registration Reports


        • Schedule - Schedule and date based activity with the customer other than direct work (Workorders) such as appointment for an estimate or a scheduled follow-up call. TO SCHEDULE WORK USE THE WORKORDER LINK, NOT SCHEDULE!
        • Service Reminders
          Desktop Version


          Service Reminders: Schedule and automated service reminder to this customer. Service reminders generate an email to the customer on the reminder date, and also create a task for the user to follow-up with the customer.
          • Service reminder can be entered simply by entering the service required, the reminder date and set the recurring frequency: Month, Annually, or Non-recurring
          • Pre-defined Service Reminders
            • Pre-defined service reminders can be added to Venture, and can provide the customer details or the services offered (and price if desired) in a very professional email / cover letter.
            • Desktop Version: To create or edit a pre-defined reminder: Click Tools, Then Pre-defined Reminders.
              • Click Add to create a reminder
              • Click Edit to edit reminder
              • Reminders can contain text enhancements like Headers, paragraphs, bullets points and font options.
            • To add Pre-defined Reminder click Service Reminder, Select desired reminder from pulldown list, and save
            • Predefined reminders set are viewable in customer history.
          • Desktop Version - A report of all Service Reminders set is available at Reports, Service Reminders

  • Integrated API's
    • QuickBooks
    • QuickBooks Online
    • MyPointNow.com
    • MPN Connected Contractor Websites
      • Full Sites vs. Mini Sites
      • Shared Data
        • Workorders/Registrations
        • Customer Feedback
        • Contact Us Form: Leads
      • Connected Databases for the PHVAC Industry
        • Product Information
        • Pre-defined site page content
        • Library
        • Rebates and Incentives Database
        • Calculators
          • Geothermal Energy Calculator
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy and Results