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Roam F.A.Q.

Hot Off the Press

  • Auto Indexing and Text Recognition Systems

    You can now set-up Key Words, or Tags, that are automatically recognized by Roam when they are entered as part of sales notes, phone call records, or emails. These Tags can then be used to sort and evaluate success rates on initiatives, or sort groups of customers or prospects based on your team members inputs. The beauty of this system is that it is completely automated. There is absolutely no learning curve and no overhead, but Tags has the ability to provide unprecedented information quality.
  • Website Integration: Feedback

    In our customers words. Learn about our front facing web systems from four owners whose businesses have been changed for the better.
  • Website Comparative Analysis

    Where do you stand? We now offer comparative analytics a new and powerful tool that gives you details on your websites performance and offers specific information on how your site compares with other's in our system. With Comparative Analytics you can see exactly how your site stacks up and what you can do to generate more traffic and leads for your business.
  • VenturePro Builds Business

    The four minutes that can change your life. A review of the two most important innovations MyPointNow uses to generate new customers and new business.
  • Pay Per Click Case Study

    A statistical analysis of Pay Per Click results on a MPN website for the month of November, 2013. The results are shocking and will cause you to re-think your use of Pay Per Click to sustain business.

An Introduction to Roam

  • Roam Features

    Learn some of the features of Roam sales software and get ahead of your competitors.

Customer Support: Integrated Live Support

  • Live Support

    7:30 - 5:00 PM East Time M-F we offer live customer phone support. Your phone call will be answered by our team in Charlotte, VT, or Stamford, CT. No call center, No voice mail maze.
  • Support Tickets

    We offer a Smart support ticket system. From VenturePro click "Help" or the "i" link in the top right of your page. This will allow you to create a support ticket that we will follow-up on. The system is Smart because we automatically capture your information and information on the equipment you are using, and any errors you are seeing. This helps us efficiently help you.

General Questions

  • Browser Based Access

    We strongly suggest that you Google Chrome as your browser. We DO NOT support any version of Internet Explorer.
  • Supported Mobile Devices

    VenturePro supports both Apple and Android devices (Android Version 2.4 or higher).
  • Android Voice to Text System and Siri

    VenturePro is compatible with Android Voice to Text and Apple Siri. Its great! Fast and easy. (iPad2 and iPhone 4S or higher)

Accounts and Users, Team Functions

  • Mobile and Desktop

    Team Map: Last login location of all team members today. If a user has not checked in today they will not appear on team map.
    • Team Calendar
      • Default View: User's Calendar Today. To view Month or Week view click appropriate links.
      • All events on My Day will appear on Calendar as well as any non-associated events link personal appointments or vacation time.
      • To Add a Calendar event Click Add Event. Default is to Create and Event for the User, but events or appointments can be created here for any team member.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Events such as Scheduled Appointments associated with a customer should be made from the Customer Center, not Calendar.
      • Team Calendar View: Combined Calendar of all team members
      • Employees Calendar: Choose to view the Calendar of any Team Member
    • Team Members
      • Edit: Edit any information about team members
        • Picture: Add an image of Team Member.
          • Mobile Version - Click Picture, capture image with Mobile Device Camera
          • Desktop Version - Click Profile Picture. Select image file and click Save
        • Contact Information - Add or Edit information such as name, primary email address

Communication Settings

  • Communication Settings

    • Set-up to receive Roam system messages, and define whether you want to receive messages via email, text message or both.
      • How to create collaboration messages using the task systems
      • Reporting of Task messaging
      • System login reminders: Roam can reminder users who have not logged in in the last two business days to login and get caught-up.
      • Setting up Roam communications:
        • Click Settings, Notifications
        • Setting up text messaging
        • Specifying communications for different messaging types
  • Roam Integrated Email

    • You can now capture emails you write to your customers in Roam customer history and on your activity reports, and integrate with your device email client like Outlook or Gmail.
      • From MyAccounts or Accounts, Actions select email
      • Record email in Roam and Roam will sales messaging to all reporting and send your email to your mail program like Outlook or Gmail.
  • MyAccounts System

    • MyAccounts speeds you navigation in Roam and eliminates the need for secondary searches when you are working with accounts assigned to you. My accounts also identifies activity you record for accounts not assigned to you to flag your prospecting work.
      • Use MyAccounts Quick navigation for your most common activities.

Find: Customer Search

  • Mobile and Desktop

    Search by Company name: partial search active
    City or Zip
    Search by State only to review all records in that state
  • Mobile Version

    Search: "Customers Around Me": GPS search based on user's current location eliminates the need for data entry when accessing Roam from a customer's location

Add Customer

  • Mobile and Desktop

    • IMPORTANT: Search database prior to adding a new record to avoid duplicate records
    • Click Find, then Add Customers
    • Customers Added Either in Roam or API are added in both locations
    • All fields but Email are required. Email is STRONGLY recommended
  • Mobile Version

    Click: Prefill Address from current location: GPS service adds address, City, State, Zip code based on mobile device current location.

Check-In Function

  • Saved Adresses

    • To Add or Edit Saved Addresses, Click Settings, Saved Addresses.
    • Saved addresses are used to record locations that are not associated with a customers location like the office, home, or frequently used locations like motels or restaurants.
    • Starting your day at a saved address allows you to edit your start time as desired.
  • Start Day: Check-in to start your day

    Check-in at a customer location, or at a saved address
    Roam will track time and mileage from your first check-in and let your team know where you are on the Roam mapping system
  • Mobile Version

    Check-in at a customer location: When you arrive at a customer location Click Check-in and we will record the mileage from your previous stop, and the elapsed time.
  • Mobile Version

    Checking In at a job site rather than a customer's location. If you are at a job-site or another address not typically associated with your customer you can Check In At Current Location, and Then Attach to check-in to a customer.
    From the home page click Check-In. Select. Then from my day click on the recorded check-in and Click Connect. Search for your customer record and click connect.

Calendar Management

  • Geoscheduling Systems

    GeoScheduler Automated Time Management System: Utilized MyAccounts lists, recent activity, and integrated mapping to help you rapidly create a daily or weekly travel plan.
    • Access GeoScheduler From Calendar or My Day
    • Setting your default location for GeoScheduler mapping by setting you first saved address.
      • To create a saved address to center map Click Settings, Saved Addresses
    • Map Pins:
      • Green pins = recorded activity within the last 30 days
      • Blue pins are cold account that you have not touched in 30 days
    • Set desired travel location by clicking on that map location. Roam then display a list on account near your desired travel location, and give you the date of your last customer contact.
    • Click to select account to scheduled
    • Set Travel date and click schedule to create all appoints for your day in one click
    • View calendar to adjust appointment times.

My Day

  • Mobile and Desktop

    • My Day is accessed anywhere but its designed to manage all aspects of a mobile user's day.
    • Viewing My Day
      • All work orders and appoints for a users are visible on My Day. They are displayed in order of the scheduled time for each event.
      • Click on any event to view details of that event.
    • Viewing Results on My Day
      • As users proceed through their day we record and display the following information:
        • Mileage between the Start Day check and every other check-in for the day, Total miles travelled at kept as a running total.
        • Elapsed time between check-ins and total time for the day.
      • Between each check-in location on My Day Roam displays the elapsed time and mileage between stops.
      • My Day results are also reported in the following reports:
        • Team, Choose User, Map: Roam displays a map of daily routes, mileage, and time
        • Sales Report
        • Expenses Report
  • Desktop Version

    Expense Report: Mileage travel by day (with other recorded expenses)

Tagging System

  • Tag Administration

    • How to set-up and use Roam's new text recognition and cataloging systems.
  • Mobile Tags

    • You can now set-up Key Words, or Tags, that are automatically recognized by Roam when they are entered as part of sales notes, phone call records, or emails. These Tags can then be used to sort and evaluate success rates on initiatives, or sort groups of customers or prospects based on your team members inputs. The beauty of this system is that it is completely automated. There is absolutely no learning curve and no overhead, but Tags has the ability to provide unprecedented information quality.

Expense System

  • Expense System

    Roam can record travel mileage and business expenses.
    • To record and expense
      • From the customer center click Actions, Expense
      • From you Mobile Device click Expense on your Home screen
    • Identify the type of expense and the amount.
    • Use your device camera to record a picture or your receipt
    • Roam can identify different funding sources
    • To edit or submit expenses use your desktop Chrome browser interface. Click Reports, Expenses.
    • To setup mileage reporting and to set mileage reimbursement rates click Settings, Interface Settings
      • Set Track Mileage Cost appropriately, and set reimbursement rate.

Customer Center

  • Mobile and Desktop: Primary Information

    • View, Edit Customer information, Manage Customer Addresses
      • Click on the Customers Name - This opens an editable customer information area.
        • Customers name, primary address and contact information can be edited and saved.
    • Click on Customer Address line to display a map of customer location and create turn by turn directions if desired.
  • Primary Phone Number is Displayed

    Mobile Version: Click on the phone number and Roam will connect the call
  • Mobile and Desktop: Information/Settings

    • Tags: Roam utilizes a sophisticated system to sort customers for follow-up or promotional activities like newsletters or special offers. Tags, combined with Registration Records allow administrators to extract a list of all records with the same user tags or registrations types.
      • Click tags to view or set customer tags
      • Click edit to add or remove tags
      • Check each desired tag and then click Save at the top of the tag list
      • Desktop Version - Sort and display all customers based on tags click Reports, Then Customer List, Click Select tags, then check desired tags, Save Tags, then Click Search to view results.
    • History: All interaction with in customer in chronological order including quotes, communication history, existing Service Reminders, Invoices, and Payments. The most recent records are at the top of the list.
  • Mobile and Desktop: Actions Menu

    Mobile Version: Check-In - Timestamps customer site visit in history and on My Day, and calculates elapsed and mileage from previous check-in location.
    Note: Add general note about customer. The note will be added permanently to customer notes history
    • Tasks: Add a task for user or any other team member about selected customer.
      • New task defaults to "Open", Task posted on assigned user's Open task list, and user is notified of new task when it is created.
      • Reminder date: set a date to remind assigned user to address task issue
      • Due date: set task due date
      • When task is complete, user can change task to closed and record appropriate actions. Results are recorded permanently in customer history.


  • Reports

    Expenses: Collects data from My Day inputs
    Sales Report

Library System

  • Library Systems

    Access Library from left navigation
    • Send documents to customers
      1. Go to customer record
      2. Select Employee to receive literature link
      3. Click Send Document, Select literature and send

Integrated API's

  • Integrated API's

    • MPN Connected Contractor Websites
      • Full Sites vs. Mini Sites
      • Shared Data
        • Workorders/Registrations
        • Customer Feedback
        • Contact Us Form: Leads
      • Connected Databases for the PHVAC Industry
        • Product Information
        • Pre-defined site page content
        • Library
        • Rebates and Incentives Database
        • Calculators
          • Geothermal Energy Calculators
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy and Results
    • OrderBook